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For personal, collaborative SEND advice and support, get in touch.


If your child / young person is struggling at school and you are confused about where to go next, or if you know what is needed but are being met with closed doors at every turn, contact Aroa for an assessment and reports to support you to get what your child needs to engage and thrive in their education.

Contacting an Educational Psychologist (often shortened to E.P.), can be daunting and at this stage, many parents / carers feel anxious, overwhelmed and often frustrated by the number of closed doors that they have encountered, and the lack of help for their young person. Dr Short and her team at Aroa Educational Psychology Services understand and are here to help.

We are committed to providing personal, seamless support, working collaboratively with you, to identify your young person’s needs and to support you to receive what they need, to access their education successfully.

Aroa EP’s reduce the uncertainty and minimise the stress of the SEND process by:
• ensuring greater parental control and inclusion;
• being on the end of the phone for queries and guidance;
• completing assessments at school, your home, or a convenient meeting room to suit your family;
• liaising with schools staff and other professionals, as required;
• providing clear, honest reports with outcomes and specific quantifiable recommendations to
legal standard, which are accepted by schools and other services;
• working in a timely manner throughout;
• attending SEND Tribunals as Expert Witnesses.

Aroa in maori means..

‘To be understood’, and at Aroa, we work to ensure we have a thorough understanding of the young person, and what they need.




If you are just beginning to identify some difficulties with your young person’s development or educational progress and would like a learning assessment to explore if there are learning needs,


Education, Health and Care Plans (EHCP)

If you are in the process of applying for an EHCP, or your young person already has an EHCP and it needs further EP input, , Aroa are highly experienced completing a range of psychological assessments and a comprehensive report to exceptional standard



Aroa work with schools to complete assessments, training, and advise parents and staff. A block of days can be agreed per term to provide a range of support on a regular basis across the academic year.


working with

Schools, parents / carers, Home Educators, SEND Advocacy Services, Speech
and Language Therapists, Mental Health professionals, Occupational
Therapists, and many more.


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