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working with Aroa

Contact made by Parent/ Carer or School via Email,
telephone or the Contact Form as requested.

Response from the admin team to discuss EP involvement
– e.g., assessment requirements and timescales

A mutually convenient date and place is agreed. Please note that all assessments are face-to-face and can be scheduled in the young person’s educational setting, at their home, or in a suitable meeting room, such as a Children’s Centre.

A pre-assessment information pack is emailed to the contact email address, which includes a pre-assessment questionnaire and direct contact details of your Educational Psychologist (EP). The questionnaires must be completed and emailed back to prior to the assessment.

The Parent / Carer / School are requested to email all relevant background documentation to ahead of the assessment, for review by the Educational Psychologist.

On the day of the assessment, the EP will tailor the activities in accordance with the young person’s needs and purpose of the assessment. Due to this, each assessment is unique to the young person and the length of each assessment varies.

After the assessment, a Parent / Carer / School consultation is arranged via email and will take place via a telephone call or an online meeting. Completing this step after the assessment enables the EP to give initial feedback and to ask any outstanding questions, or obtain clarification on additional matters arising from the assessment. Parent / Carer / School views are a fundamental element of this step.

The EP will produce a ‘draft’ report for the Parent / Carer / School to review for factual errors or misunderstandings of viewpoints.

The ‘draft’ report will be amended at the EPs discretion and an explanation of any suggested changes that are not made, will be given.

Regardless of the main referrer, the Parent / Carer receives a final copy of the EP report and has sole responsibility for the sharing of that document.


If an SEnD Tribunal Hearing is scheduled and the Parent / Carer request
the EP’s attendance, 
the following process will occur.


The Parent / Carer / Legal Advocate is required to keep the EP informed of any changes or developments regarding the family or Local Authority’s position, including sharing any additional reports, school consultation responses and parental submissions via email.

In the event that an initial report was completed some months before the hearing date, the Parent / Carer may agree with the EP to complete a Review Report. The exact details of this assessment will be discussed and agreed with the family to suit the individual circumstances.

In the event that two schools indicate that they can meet the young person’s needs, a School Comparison Report can be completed, at the request of the Parent / Carer. Consent must be given to both schools for the EP to discuss the young person.

A school comparison report will aim to be completed in time for written submission to the SEND Tribunal hearing.

At least one week prior to the hearing date, a telephone consultation will be arranged with the EP to obtain up-to-date information regarding the case, and a Tribunal Bundle, including the latest Working Document is requested.

The EP will prepare for the hearing using the Bundle and Working Document supplied, and will attend the remote hearing, as requested.

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