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Terms & Conditions
for Assessment


• Assessment of a young person’s needs to contribute to an EHCP is charged at a cost of £1,00.00. An invoice will be sent to the parent/carer, via email, prior to the agreed date of assessment at least 7 days before the date of assessment.

• Travel charges apply.

• The exact details of the assessment will be determined by the Educational Psychologist based on factors such as age, developmental level, mental state, previously identified needs and practicalities.

• An assessment may involve observations of the young person, direct involvement with the young person, liaison with teaching staff and liaison with the parent or carer. If the Educational Psychologist deems any of the activities to be unnecessary or inappropriate for any reason, the activity will not be completed as part of the assessment.

• Additional Educational Psychologist involvement, such as liaison with professionals and attendance at meetings (in person or virtual) will be charged at an hourly rate of £120.00. This is not an exhaustive list and other activities required by the Educational Psychologist may also be charged at this hourly rate.

• Where the assessment takes place will be determined in agreement with parent/carer at the time of booking the assessment however, this is subject to change.

• A written report will be compiled following the assessment and will be emailed to the parent/carer approximately six weeks following the date of the assessment. This is included in the assessment cost.

• Amendments to the report may be made in relation to factual errors and missed information if deemed necessary and appropriate by the Educational Psychologist. Suggested alterations to wording, which do not affect the recommendations given by the Educational Psychologist will not be considered. In light of new information being provided by the parent/carer, teaching staff or other professional, an addendum report may be completed if deem appropriate by the Educational Psychologist to add to the current understanding of the young person’s needs.

• All evidence will be given in line with professional guidelines from the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC). No guarantee can be provided on the Educational Psychologist’s findings or professional recommendations.

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